“The Subaru Restricted Championship” Win a car for a year!

After last season’s excitement at the launch of the Subaru Restricted Point to Point Series, Subaru has made an even bigger commitment to Point to Point, by increasing number of races in the Subaru Restricted Series and adding of The Subaru Restricted Championship.

Once a horse has been placed (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) in a Subaru Restricted qualifier they begin accumulating points towards the championship. Points will be awarded depending on the type of race run. Points will be awarded for races run prior to qualification.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Maiden Race 1st - 4 2nd – 2 3rd – 1

Restricted Race 1st - 5 2nd – 3 3rd – 1

Intermediate Race 1st - 6 2nd – 4 3rd – 1

Any other race 1st - 6 2nd – 4 3rd – 1

Open 1st - 7 2nd – 5 3rd – 2

Hunter Chase 1st - 10 2nd – 6 3rd – 4

The winner of the championship will be announced at the end of the season with a weekly leader board displayed on the national website www.pointtopoint.co.uk The prize for the winning owner is a year’s lease of a Subaru Forester. This car is loved by Subaru owners the world over. Since its launch in 1997, the Forester has continued to plough its own furrow in the All-Wheel Drive SUV segment. If you don't want to follow the herd and value function over fashion, the Forester is the perfect choice. A capable and spacious SUV now bristling with even more features, the Subaru Forester manages to combine rugged rural appeal off road with refined and engaging manners on road. www.subaru.co.uk/forester

Clare Hazell, Chief Executive of the Point to Point Authority, commented, "It is such a boost to the sport and our owners that Subaru has agreed to strengthen their partnership with Pointing in the new season. Introducing the new Subaru Restricted Championship alongside an increased number of qualifiers should guarantee some really exciting, competitive racing. We are sure to have a very worthy winner of the fabulous prize of a year-long driving experience behind the wheel of a Subaru Forrester.

"The Championship culminates at the Subaru Final at Stratford racecourse on 20th May 2016 when the prize will be awarded to the Owner of the horse securing the most points."

Follow the story at: www.subaru.co.uk/point-to-point